Google Maps Data Scraper


✅ Company Name
✅ Email
✅ Address (City,State,Zip Code,etc)
✅ Telephone
✅ Website
✅ Social Media Links
✅ Ratings and many more

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We present you a professional Google Maps data scraper. This is an application for scraping detailed information about companies. With our software, you can extract phone, e-mail, address, coordinates, links to social networks, photos and other data. Why do we call our scraper professional? Because it extracts as much information as possible in multi-threaded mode and does not require API access. It’s a tool for large data sets, and information quick extraction.

You can scrape organizations data for more than 3,000 categories. Inside our Google Maps data scraper, we offer a library of categories. You can also set your own text search keyword. The app scrapes data equally well within a city or within an entire region. For example, you can extract all the supermarkets from California, or all the coffee shops from New York.

The app does NOT require access to the Google API to work correctly – this sets us apart from the competition. You can scrape as much data as you want with no restrictions. Once again – you DO NOT need to register an API key – just run the app and scrape the data!

Our app is a Google Chrome browser emulator. You can create several parallel scraping threads inside the app. This greatly speeds up data extraction. Our app mimics human behavior, so you probably won’t be blocked. For a comfortable work you can also use Proxy which is supported by our program.

Data our scraper extracts:
✅ Link to the organization card on Google Maps
✅ Company name
✅ Total rating based on all reviews
✅ Number of reviews
✅ Price policy
✅ Category
✅ Address of the organization, including city
✅ Specifying information about the area
✅ Address of the site
✅ Contact phone number
✅ Plus address code
✅ Whether the organization is open or closed
✅ All organization photos (as .JPG files and URLs)
✅ Coordinates – latitude and longitude
✅ Short description
✅ Email (from website)
✅ Facebook link (from website)
✅ Instagram link (from website)
✅ Twitter link (from website)
✅ LinkedIn link (from website)
✅ YouTube link (from website)
✅ Link to Yelp (from website)
✅ TripAdvisor link (from website)
✅ Link to Contact Us page (from website)
✅ All reviews, including rating and photos.